Tam Kam Non-astringent Asian persimmon

These newly grafted Tam Kam, the hot peppers, and pawpaw seedlings are enjoying this Indian Summer in the 70’s and more of that to come.


Looks like lots of stuff to winterize in the garage!

Enjoy your Indian Summer, Tony. I still think Omaha is a bit warmer than Chicago though our respective regions are zone 5. Last night, my area temp dipped to 30 so all my peppers, cucumbers and squash are done for.

I picked all my peppers and a single winter melon last evening before the freeze. Do you know that pepper leaves is veggie at the end of season? It can be made into soup/broth with some lean pork or chicken…



I think the El Nino bringing Omaha some warm weather. In a month or so I will be bringing lot of pots in the shelter for Winter protection. I got a few trees coming from Hidden Spring Nursery like 2 more Che trees. A female and male. Just wanted to taste that watermelon flavor fruit once and I will be satisfy.



Hopefully you cold get some Tam Kam scion woods to spare next spring. It will be very interesting to see if it can get fruit ripe at Western New York.


James , they all are very small grafts. I will see what I can do for you.


I lost most of my Tam Kam due to the cold winter last year, but there are a lot of suckers from above the graft union (I piled woodchips before it got cold). I need to thin those suckers out, so there should plenty of wood to send. Shoot me a message when you’re ready.

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Thanks Bob. I lost 2 Asian Persimmons last winter even with some protection, but the suckers from root stock grows back, so it gave me chance to graft. I will send you a message next spring.