I am posting this a couple of days later than I intended too but none the less. My brother passed away 6 years ago on August 10th and I planted this Tangerine in his memory. I fondly remember him single handedly eating through a whole bag of them when we were kids on multiple occasions. To make things even more special they should ripen in my coastal north east Florida area right around his birthday, December 2nd. Best of all this was not even intentional I had the tangerine in a container, I had a recently cleared spot, and the idea just came to me that morning. Maybe he was sending me a little inspiration? Thanks for the memories Zach!


Awesome post Ryan! no doubt he sent you some inspiration. Iā€™m sure it will produce the best tangerines for you. :wink:


What a tastfull way to remember your brorher.


This is amazing and quite inspiring.

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