TangOs almost ready

The raccoons got some of my TangOs fruits last night. I set 2 traps this evening with sweet corns as bait. I harvested some just for insurance.




They’re supposed to be larger than the Saturn, right? I read somewhere that Tango2 is the improved version of the original version. Just wonder about taste from both versions, are they the same?


Awesome Tony! How many more days do you think? My nephew has a dozen or so on his tree, His tree is probably safe from coons. Should I have him eat one now, or when for the first?

(note to others: Tony and my nephew got their Tango’s at the same time and are in the same city. BTW, My nephew is 9. His tree is in his grandpas back yard. Also has a raspberry bush)



This is my first year of harvesting it. I am not sure how it tastes. I will let them ripen a little bit more next to the bananas. I will update on the taste later.


Yes, they are a little bigger than the Saturn. It could get bigger if I would have thin more.


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Tony, would you please keep this thread updated? Also how many peaches are you getting from that tree this year?


I left 30 peaches on the TangOs tree this year. I ate one that was almost completely yellow yesterday and I was supprised it was not rubbery at all. It was some what juicy with sweet and tangy taste.



Here are the photos of a soft tree ripened TangOs. Nice looking yellow fruit with balanced sugar and acid in contrast to Saturn that was all white and high in sugar and low in acid. Both are excellent and keepers.



Do you grow Galaxy? I grew that one a few years ago and people really raved about it. It was good sized for a flat.


I grafted a scion of Galaxy from Amadio this Spring on the TangOs branch but it failed to take. I may try to graft several scions of it next year for insurance.


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You’re a good 2-3 weeks ahead of me… Mine are still very much green.

Do you have any Flavor Surpreme? Are yours ripe?

I’ll bet you’ll like it if you like the flats. It really does have nice size also.

I added a Galaxy this year…maybe next year i’ll get to try it.


FS, and FK got hail storm damage on most of the fruits. Bummer.


That does suck. Many of my FS cracked badly.

galaxy is one of the best flat peaches, is a good choice


I heard Galaxy was a bigger version of Saturn. It should be good to add this variety to the collection.


TangOs take a while to get going. I planted several in 2012 at the farm, and they are finally starting to produce good. I planted some more in 2013 and they didn’t have but about 50 fruit per tree this year. The 2012s had probably a couple hundred per tree.

I also agree with the keeping ability. They are incredible keepers. My son and I picked a bunch Tues of this week. I didn’t get them all sold on Tues, Wed, Thurs, or Fri. Every day I sold more, but the unsold ones were in the 90+ heat every day. Obviously I sold the larger and more ripe ones first, but the others ripened up. Finally I had a few left Sat. morning and I decided to really put them to the test. In the morning, I set them out on the empty black cattle waterer (when the hot summer sun hits it, it gets so hot you can’t keep your hand on it). I don’t know how hot it got yesterday, but it was 90F by 10:00 am. I kept them there all day and at about 6:30 pm I tried one and it was delicious. Texture was still excellent. That’s when I took this pic.


I have one spot left for a peach tree where PF 1 was removed. Would Tangos be worth the spot? Or would you suggest another variety instead?

Those look very clean. Mine are pretty spotted this year but its been very wet…

I was attempting to hack back my kiwis which had jumped to the TangO and ran into a couple peaches which looked surprisingly ripe. Normally it is another week before they start to get ripe.

The one with the obvious insect damage was 11-13 brix on one part and 16-17 on another. Interestingly, the high brix one had more acid kick to it, while the 11-13 was a mild/sweet flavor.

The more clean one (which still had a worm) was 11-3 brix and had some tart to it, but wasn’t as good (though less damaged).

It looks like a single spray of Spinosad wasn’t enough…

It is good, but very susceptible to rot. I sprayed MFF and still have some rotting. Maybe 2-3 sprays are needed. It is a vigorous grower, so it needs a decently large spot.