Tap trees in Florida for syrup

We have several night below freezing and was wondering if I could tap some pecan trees or if it to early in the year? Does it have to be below freezing at nights and above freezing during the day for a number of days before producing syrup? I live in Florida but could toss a rock to Alabama.

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Anyone ever tapped a pear tree for syrup

I tapped 2 pecans. one I didn’t get much from the other I got a cup which ended up being about a heaping tablespoon. Best syrup I’ve ever tasted it was like maple syrup with the nutty caramel note I’ll definitely be doing more later in the season.


I was thinking about tapping some walnut trees. Heard it is pretty good. Tapping pecan is a new one to me. Makes me wonder how many others will work.

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This is a very interesting topic. Pecans don’t grow naturally in my area, but after reading your post I started thinking about what other trees might be good for tapping. After a little reading, apparently, some people tap walnut trees, which we have an abundance of in my area… though thankfully not on our property.

Personally, we have one sugar maple and 5 or 6 silver maples on our property, a bunch of elm, willows and a few other trees that I’ve never bothered to identify (to my shame). We’ve tapped the maples and the elms.

I can’t seem to find any reliable information about tapping fruit trees.

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I watched several videos on you tube when I was thinking about doing walnut. Walnut is a little harder to cook off from the video. They say maple is the easiest. Thinking about planting a few sugar maples. Maple syrup is ultra expensive.

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