Taste and climate suitability comparisons between Nikitskaya Bordovaya and Szukis?

Both of these persimmons are described as small in stature and precocious bearers. @Stan has mentioned N.B. (aka Nikitas Gift) is performing well in his 9b climate. What are your experiences – esp. zones 7-10, and what rootstock is being used?

Szukis is good, but I’d be growing NG if it were viable here. I’ve never tasted them, but heard people rave about the flavor. I hadn’t realized it was a dwarfish type.

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My 2nd leaf NG on D. virginiana rootstock is very healthy. It made many flower buds this year which I pinched. Leaves are very dark green compared to Jiro Fuyu type. It also appears persimmon psyllids leaves it relatively alone and prefers the pure Kaki types.

This video depicts a 3rd or 4th leaf (mentioned at 3:32) grown in New Jersey (zone 7A).


Most of us are capable of finding videos and Wikipedia entries our own. I asked for personal experiences of members here. Thank you for yours.

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