Taste of hard cider

After reading all the discussions about hard cider, I decided to give it try just because I have access to apples from a neglected Apple tree. The apple tree hasn’t been pruned and sprayed for years, the fruits are disfigured and covered with black fungus, I had to scrub them with dish soap to get rid of fungus. The Apple is actually quite tasty, not overly sweet, has lot of acidity, ph is slightly above 3. After several tries, I finally get the fermentation started with Ale yeast (the first bag of yeast is not good).

Over the weekend, I decided I should know what hard cider taste like since I am brewing it. So I had my first hard cider ever. It’s called original sin, 5.5% alcohol. It tasted just like an inexpensive champagne, but flatter, no Apple taste at all. I was disappointed. I looked at the ingredients label afterwards,it says Apple cider, champagne yeast,…

Today, my brew’s fermentation is slowing down a little, so I tasted it. The alcohol is low, no measurement, but definitely lower than the one I tasted. It has lot of Apple flavor, (less)sweet, sour. A very fruity drink.

I am sure all your hard cider connoisseurs wouldn’t be caught dead with it, but I like it a lot! I think it’s much more interesting than the other one I tasted it.

I added 1/2 cup of sugar into my next gallon of juice, It will be dryer.

Anyway, it’s a very enjoyable experience and very enjoyable drink! I am going to serve it tomorrow. I just want to share my experience and thank all the people who discussed hard cider here! Without your discussions, I would never think of making hard cider.


Sounds delicious, I would really like to try this some time. My apple tree is still very small :confused: But some day maybe I will have more apples than I can use

I would rather have hard apple cider that tasted like Sweet apples than hard apple cider that tastes like flat champagne.

Sounds like you will soon be savoring a taste beverage. Congrats.

Cider tends to go all the way dry. I offten get a negitive reading on the hydometer (less than water) the trick is to add potassum sorbate and potassum metabisulfite then back sweeten with more juice.

Nice work!

Thank you for the tip! Sorry it took me this long to reply, the holiday season is a bit crazy.

The sugar content did go down further, even after I put the whole thing in refrigerator.

I siphoned out the cider, added campden and put it back in the frige, didn’t completely stop the fermentation. Guess I need potassium sorbate.

If I add back home Apple juice, it should be the juice treated with campden, right?

How soon can I start to consume the cider after I add potassium sorbate and campden?

Thanks, speedster1! My cider is well received by my husband, he read up hard cider and volunteer to plant me a cider Apple tree if I want:-)