Tasteless squash

Anyone else have a ‘blah’ taste to their summer squash. Usually its nutty flavored and almost tastes like sweet corn. I am really surprised at the lack of flavor. I have never used Miracle Grow before, but I couldn’t resist the bigger and better commercial. I pick my squashes young as they are usually at their sweetest; and always before the skin gets tough. About five inches long only. My ‘sungold’ tomatoes are fantastic as usual. Same soil!

They almost all taste bland and watery to me. I trialed summer squash a few years ago and settled in with romanesco from Renee’s seeds. It has a texture and flavor that is beyond compare. Huge flowers too. I grow them year round now in EarthBoxes.

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Mr. Clint, that will be my choice to try next summer. They never used to be ‘tasteless’. That is an interesting looking squash. It is a zucchini variety yes?

Yes, it’s a zucchini with very firm and meaty flesh. Lots of great uses:

  • Use a potato peeler to make zucchini noodles.
  • Slice in half lengthwise and cook directly on the grill.
  • Chop into chunks and sautee in EVOO with garlic and chopped almonds

Me too, and I thought the same as you on Romanesco. Great taste buds :smile:

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Handsome, tasty and large blossoms:

Gorgeous blossoms! Unfortunately for me, here those big bright blossoms would just be calling out with their come hither looks, “Come visit me, SVB. I will give a delicious home to your larvae.”

That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t try to grow them and maybe even get a squash or two before I lost the war for the year.

:smiley: Fantastic, I will buy the seeds this winter. Thanks Mr. Clint! Growing vegetables that taste good is only second to growing excellent fruit!

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I grew a new one from Burpee called Cupcake. Very nice amounts and pretty round squash, but very little flavor for me. My favorite if you have space is Tatume squash from Mexico. It’s actually a winter squash that is drought and bug resistant. It has a really nutty flavor to me if harvested baseball size. If let to grow to full size turns orange and a very pretty little pumpkin. I didn’t like the flavor at full growth for a winter squash.

Thanks John. Next year instead of growing potatoes I"ll be growing winter squash. Did you every grow the French ‘Potiron’? They are delicious.

I grow Japanese type buttercup squash, Taste nutty, and sweet. Can be eaten at any stages. Fully ripe one can be stored for many months

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Something like the Tatume might be just what I need. The squash vine borers hit, and generally killed, almost everything “squash” that I planted this year, including yellow and patty pan squash and pumpkin. The only ones I have still surviving are zucchini! They were hit heavily, but didn’t get killed. I’ll have to check the variety I planted and never use it again because it makes its stems so close together that the squash can’t really form and grow. The darn thing squishes them to death while still too small to pick.

Yes the tatume seems to resist vine borers quite well. It just takes up a lot of space. It’s my favorite summer squash even though it’s a winter squash.

Same here. I’ve never seen vine borers in the 30 years I’ve been gardening, so it was bit of a shock. Then again I also had my first ever run-in with round-headed apple borer and peach tree borers. It is the “Year of the Borer” for me. I’ve even seen adults of other types of borers for the first time… I think I’m developing a paranoia. :grimacing:

You’re welcome! Fresh veg are a staple food for us. Year round kale, zuke, toms and peppers are a must. Other veg and fruits are seasonal items that we look forward to. I can’t think of a more fun and rewarding hobby.

Those are so dense and sweet, they are one of my favorites. I tried growing them one summer, didn’t work out so I buy them!

My favorite zucchini is a variety called Perfect Pick from Jungs Seed Company. My favorite winter squash is buttercup, but I find it hard to grow. Where can I find Romanesco seeds?

I have wanted to try that one. It sounds like a good one!

I found Romanesco seeds at Italian Seed and tool.com They are a great source for exotic Italian tomatoes and zucchini. Order the catalogue!


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