Tatsoi Happy

First year growing Tatsoi greens. One of the hardiest greens supposedly down to 10 degrees. Twenty four the lowest so far here but I will cover them when it gets really cold.

Seed from Johnny’s planted in October. Actually the ones pictured were transplanted out of a window box planter so they transplant well with some soil attached about 2 inches across. Seeds germinate in 3 days at 70-75. You can eat the plants you thin out so we were enjoying them within 30 days.

I eat the outside leaves as soon they are big as a teaspoon. Plants keep growing new leaves through the fall. They will bolt very early once spring type weather arrives. The pictured plants have not been harvested at at all as I am still eating the ones I have in planters on my porch steps. Pictured plants are 8 to 10 inches across.


Those are beautiful! What is the taste like? Can/do you cook with it?


A sweet mild mustard flavor. We eat them raw in salads. My wife will add them late in making soups as the leaves are very tender and can cook down too much. Although the older leaves are used by some in stir fry as they are tougher.


They should be great to juice… Thank’s! :+1:

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It looks like that Jonny’s Tatsoi seeds may not a pure Tatsoi. The Tatsoi should look likeIMG_20201219_095445 this.


These Tatsoi look great. I didn’t know they are that cold hardy. I am now tempted to try them next year.

My tatsoi looks different depending on the time of the year. It’s big and wide like in your picture when the weather is cold, but more upright like youcai when the weather is warmer.

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An update here. Despite two nights of 21 degrees and highs in mid 50’s, my bed of Tatsoi have grown in the last two weeks. Notice the slight increase in size in these photos. I do have one plant that is more upright growing that I see a flower head starting this morning. I also transplanted a seedling from my mid November container sowing to see how well young plants hold up in the cold in that bed.


Bolted head on plant that has been larger and more upright than others since coming up.

The bed had lettuce, radishes and turnips previously. Miracle Gro Bed Planting mix that was amended when bed was made with lime and Plant Tone. The tatsoi had MG liquid at transplanting and again three weeks later.