Tayberries...when to pick

I have lots and lots of tayberries on my plant, when should they be picked? I’ve read you leave them until they are almost black, and squishy. What are everyone’s thoughts?..

Black might be going too far,but mine were good when being reddish purple.Maybe try them at different stages and see what’s best.bb

Will do, thank you. Would you say logan berries are the same?

In general for caneberries, if there are zero berries on the ground, there are not many ripe on the plants. A fully ripe berry should come off easily with no tugging, or look like it is ready to fall off. To test for ripeness, bend berries sideways rather than pulling straight out.
This is a better test of ripeness than waiting for a certain color.

Black-caps are a bit trickier, they have to be fully black and are hard to bend sideways, so pull them straight off.

I tend to pick when the individual clusters on the berries look about to explode. They’ll look plumper than the other berries.