Tayberry question

Are there different varieties of tayberries? One catalog I got said they were a raspberry x logan berry cross, but when I did some searching it seems they should be the raspberry x blackberry cross. I went to a u-pick orchard last summer and picked some. They were really good with their own unique flavor. I want to get some, but want to pick the right one. Appreciate any suggestions.

A Logan berry is a raspberry x blackberry cross, so tays are 66% raspberry 33% blackberry. If that info is correct? I grow them and agree the taste is amazing.One of my favorites.

OK, I looked into it, and no it’s a 50-50 cross. A blackberry that was very similar to the one used to create Loganberries was used. The Tayberry is called an improved Loganberry, but it is not really related in anyway.
The creator is Derek Jennings. He has since created a thornless version called Buckingham Tayberry,

About 25 years ago I planted Tayberry and the winters were colder then and they winter killed. There must be better strains out there now than the original or perhaps I misdiagnosed the cause of them failing.

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No, I have had limited success. Two years in a row all canes were killed by cold. It’s not a good choice for here. But the berries are awesome. Last year covering them, and spraying with wiltstop I got about 100 berries. I mixed about 75 of them with wyeberries for one of the best jams I made this year.
This year I left off straw or leaf protection and just sprayed with wiltstop. I want to know is it the wiltstop? The leaves? Or both? If they fail I will try just leaves (and wrapped in burlap) next year. All seasons the roots survived. My Loganberry roots died during that cold winter a few years ago. I never replaced it.

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Thanks for your help. I think I will try to get a start from the orchard if they will sell one. I did plant some seeds from the tayberries and also some yellow raspberries that were ripe at the same time when I was there. Of course there will be the chance the seeds are crossed with another variety. I have planted berry seeds before but have not had any luck getting them to grow. At least I know where I can go to get more next year. If I had them at home I could let them get riper. The orchard is open about every other day for picking and they are picked quite heavily. If I want a good amount I have to pick some that are not at their peak.

The problem with bramble seeds is they have a coating on them. You may have to wait two years for them to sprout just planting them. If you soak for 30 minutes in bleach, and rinse, they should germinate, well you need to cold stratify for 2-3 months first too. I scarify them with sulfuric acid (15 minutes with 30% car battery acid) They germinate well in sand, Seeds need to be in firm, but not covered. Pressed in,
I grow them all over the birds eat them and I have raspberry plants coming up all over. So far nothing special. I did make an intentional cross and only managed to keep one seedling alive, but it grew 3 and 1/2 feet in one season, first leaf! I planted the seedling out it was so big (usually it takes 2 years from seed before you should plant out). Photo taken 2016 11 28.

In the fall I mulch my beds with shredded leaves to feed them and keep the weeds down. Some grass is thrown in too, here I can tell th red leaves of my Japanese maple. I sometimes cover the leaves with compost. I’ll do it in the spring, ran out this fall. This Anne x Polka cross is very impressive. Hoping for orange berries, although they could be any color, red to yellow. I’ll know this summer! These canes will fruit, not much, but enough to see the fruit. This was a seed April 2016. In any case it is so fast growing and is amazing so far.
Another project is to work with the giant Josephine raspberry.This spring I’m going to be doing a lot of crosses.

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I bought a tayberry plant from an online store early last year, it was VERY VERY small. I left it in a pot during winter in zone 8, I saw some sprouting from the base a week ago so I’m hoping that it will keep growing.

If it doesn’t make it I can tip root one this summer, or for anybody else. Right now I have a Marion, and New Berry tip rooted plants if anybody wants to trade or cover postage.

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Thanks Drew51, if it doesn’t make it I’ll be sure to ask you.

Yeah no problem, I’m going to tip root a backup for myself too. I like them a lot.
I threw away about 10 various blackberry plants last year that sneaked into the ground. I need to start giving them away for postage. Tayberries ripen fairly early. A photo from June 27 2016. Berries ran a little small last year.All berries!


Drew51 your berries look really good.
After doing some more searching for plants I found some that were reasonable from Ison’s. So I ordered 2 tayberries and one blackberry, a Chickasaw an upright, thorny bush. This one should ripen earlier than the one I have. Don’t know what it is, I bought it years ago from Gurneys and didn’t think it was really important to keep track of names. It has nice berries but ripens late, clear up to frost. There have been a few years it has froze back to the ground but has always regrew.
These are the tayberries I picked at the orchard along with some cherries and yellow raspberries…


Hi, I’m new here. I’ve stumbled on this tayberry while googling for giant raspberry because of some pictures I saw on eBay. After reading this post I was searching bing and low online trying to find a tayberry plant unfortunately it’s out of stock everywhere. I know this is a threee year old post, Drew51, do you happen still have any plants from tip rooting?

I didn’t see this till today. No sorry. I can do one and by fall have a plant.

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Fall would be GREAT!! Looks like you have good harvest already this year from the container on the ground. Those are really nice looking berry both size and coloration. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the plant. I have seen seeds being sold on ebay but I don’t if I’ll get the true species since it’s hybrid variety and even I do it’ll be two years before it’ll start producing…

From last year! They have not flowered yet here. OK, wrote it down. I had some canes die this year, or removed. I had a bad infestation of raspberry cane borer, it likes blackberries too. I removed infected canes, lost a lot this year. On the other hand my black currant harvest should be record setting. Raspberries will give a good harvest this year too. Blueberries and Honeyberries are looking good too.

I bought a one at a nursery in Redwood City CA in early March, it is doing very well. It has several clusters of fruit. First time growing this along with Black Munger Raspberry.


Sorry about the cane borer issue you have there. Are they easy ti get rid of? I’ve been growing blackberries for 3-4 years now but still haven’t had any issues. Hope they’re not active here in Oklahoma.

Lucy you. It’s interesting to see them fruiting at this size.

I’m trying not to use pesticides, but I may have to. I’m going to study them a little more and see what I can do. They have been minor issue till last year.

The first one is almost ripe!