Tearless onions

Has anyone eaten and/or grown tearless onions? They are being released in Australia tomorrow. For a number of reasons, it is unlikely I will get to try them this year. Apparently they have been sold in the US since 2018, I believe using the the name ‘sunion’, so I was wondering what people’s opinions are of them.
I wonder how tearless onions taste. Can you eat them raw like an apple? Do they have any flavour, I assumed that much of the taste would be tied to the volatile chemicals that make your eyes water when cutting an onion.
Presumably, much like any onion I could plant one, let it flower, and save seed. Has anyone tried that. Do they come true to type?

I am an onion eater… and garlic.

The best tip for tearless onions are fresh onions… the older they get the stronger they get. I like strong onions so i like mine a little old.

Some people are more sensitive than others at crying. I dont cry at all no matter what kind of onion…because i eat alot of onions.

Eat an onion like an apple- Vidalia to me is like that.

Lots of youtube videos of how not to cry when chopping onions.

I suspect that the weakest onions…taste the weakest. Likely something has been bred out of them to uptake Sulfur.

Sulfur is what i crave in a good strong onion or garlic…


There are a few tricks that minimizes the amount of tear gas an onion releases. For starters use super sharp knife, it will minimize the crunching and squeezing of the onion cells. This alone does it for me.

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my father/ grandfather used to do that. pluck a fresh onion right out of the garden, trim it with his knife and chow down.

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My sister and dad could eat potatoes raw… freshly dug like apples. Me and my mom could not… it was gross to us…but they loved them. No idea how that works.

I like to eat a freshly dug turnip.

Im eating my freshly dug garlic now… it hasnt even dried. Better than ex lax. I dont like the taste though…its not strong or pungent yet. I have no idea why but i crave the strong sulfurs of strong onions and garlics.

My neighbor makes a garlic powder that smells like pure sulfur… and to me its like a drug that i crave. Store bought garlic powder is garbage compared to hers.

Fried Cabbage that is near burnt has alot of sulfur too… and is one of my favorite ‘vegetables’

I make a fried cabbage soup in the Fall with browned onions and browned garlic… To me its nirvana.

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im the same. the stronger the better. i grew Georgia fire garlic 2 winters ago. man that’s some strong garlic. made some garlic bread with it and man i was burping that for 2 days. loved it but the wife was afraid to go back to work thinking she stunk like garlic. lol! what’s the strongest onion you have eaten? we used to eat raw corn on the cob right out of the garden. you get all the corn flavor without the other stuff diminishing the taste. you must like hot as well? i like a good serrano or Bulgarian carrot pepper. just hot enough but still has good flavor i recipes. i dry ring of fire cayenne to use in cooking…


In my nearest big town there is a little chinese restaurant and the cooks are all mexicans… its weird to see in action. They make a dish that is yellow onions with alot of the restaurant quality black pepper and they put some candied garlic in it and some fresh grilled jalapenos that are blackened. I think u are supposed to garnish your other things with it but i could just eat that alone. I make it at home sometimes too.

I think a good strong yellow onion that has been left to sit out awhile makes it the strongest. Candied blackened garlic… is like a drug. To me. The strength of the onions and the nirvana of the garlic must release some kind of chemicals in my brain.

Im not into ghost peppers or carolina reapers or any of those things. I lived in Mexico for a summer while in College and they had a pepper in one of the open air markets that my buddy did a challenge with a local… kind of like a gringo welcome pepper. My buddy had blisters on his mouth and tongue and parts of his lips got badly chemical burned. He ended up in the hospital.

I like a smoked cayenne… to me thats perfect.

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about as much heat as i like.

It sounds like tearless onions, or at least the ones in Australia, taste nice and sweet when eaten raw like an apple. Once cooked they taste a bit weak.