Tecumseh or Underwood?

Anyone growing these two plums ?..which one has more flavour ? other considerations as to which one I should grow ? I would really appreciate hearing from people who have grown and tasted these …on another note …why can’t I find any info on Vermont Plum ?..only heard of it on tis site…

Funny coincidence, I was just looking over the Fedco catalog page on hybrid plums. (mostly idle curiosity for me at this point). You may have read their descriptions yourself, but in case you haven’t, Fedco describes Tecumseh as subacid in flavor and Underwood as more sweet, so depends on what you like, I guess.

This page from the University of Wisconsin’s Uncommon Fruits program provides somewhat more detailed reviews of Underwood and Vermont (but not Tecumseh):


The reviews are based on their own trials for the project. (They also mention that Vermont is/was available exclusively from St. Lawrence Nurseries, which may be why you’ve difficulty finding info. I imagine you might be able to obtain scion wood one way or another, though being in Canada could be a complication.)

Hope this is helpful!

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Thank you JinMa…I have seen those and hoping to get some first- hand information from growers.

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I never ate Tecumseh but I sure enjoyed Underwood. Mighty hard to find Underwood even offered anymore. The fruit was not huge and the skin a little tough but the sweetness and flavor was perfect when fully ripe. Too good to eat as I have a hard time stopping. Lying on the ground under the Underwood tree, watching the clouds go by and feasting on those luscious plums on a hot summer day while the juice ran down my chin. I still recall that experience. Underwood gets a high rating from me!