Temperate Orchard Conservacy scion


Got my scion today from the TOC of some rare Limbertwigs. I’m very pleased with the size & quick delivery(mailed Sat. from Oregon arrived today, Mon. to southcentral Pa) I’m already dreaming up an order for next year. :grinning:

Temperate Orchard Conservancy Scion Order

Congratulations! I have to tell you that I looked up the Temperate Orchard Conservacy and am relieved to learn that you don’t have to give up drinking to buy from them.


Mine arrived too. Henry Clay!


They are a fantastic organization doing great work. Thank you for supporting them.


These are some of the rarest Limbertwigs. Really happy to see that TOC was able to identify them in Botner’s collection. Very good news. Good luck growing them out.


Glad you finally got your Henry Clay!


Nice, I can’t even get anyone to get back to me from many sources.


Has anyone ordered from Steve Kelly this year?


Hilarious! It took me a few secs.
I thought you were commenting on the possible lack of scripture verses on the webpage. Not a criticism, mind you. In fact, working with plants IS a spriritual experience. For me, anyway.



I wonder if their e-mail is blocking your messages.

Perhaps if you snail mailed them…


I’m attempting to. He missed my first request for a scion list, responded to my second, but so far hasn’t replied to my order request with shipping costs, etc. I’ll wait a few more days before re-sending it.


I just sent another email asking if he was going to fill my order as he hadn’t got back to me with price as well. Hope his in good health.


I did get a response from them once that showed my message was found in spam. I was getting worried, but everything has worked out so far, I got my order in the mail yesterday. give them some slack.


I am sure he is very busy with that many varieties of apples. I am ordering 23 varieties from steve if he gets the time to fill my order. I went all or nothing with Steve, due to others deadlines. I was hoping for a reply so I could get from toc and others what he could not give so its either the limbertwig motherlode or bust, now.


Steve Kelly can be slow but always came through for me, sometimes after a reminder or two. I’ve been buying scions from him for about ten years.


How did everyone order scion from them?


I think there deadline is 2day.


Guess i better call…lol


Seeing those scions really brings back memories … they are the same kinds of tags and writing that Botner used on his tags. I got most of my unusual apples from Botner, and its great to see the tradition continue.


I just wanted to say that I talked to Joanie Cooper on the phone yesterday…