Temperature and Insecticidal Soap

I have insecticidal soap (Safer) that says don’t spray above 85 degrees or it will burn foliage.

Question: If I spray say at 80 degrees at 8 AM but two hours later the temperature is 90, the soap is still on the leaves so wouldn’t that burn the leaves also?

I need to spray aphids on many apple trees. Thanks.

My dish washing soap was burning my foliage so I switched to neem oil spray. For me the neem has controlled the aphids without any burn. Bill

Thanks Auburn. I have some Neem but have never used it. Is it hard to mix into water? Does it clog a backpack sprayer?

Clogging or mixing has not been a problem for me. I spray in the morning or late afternoon because I’m not sure if the high temperature cause any problems. I only spray were aphids are collecting so I don’t need much spray at one time to take care of my needs. My 2 qt or 1 gal pump sprayer is perfect for my backyard needs. Hoping there is no long term issues with neem because it is getting the job done. Good luck, Bill

With my sprayer being small I just occasionally give it a little shake. I bought the neem two years ago but I’m just finding out some of its uses. Seems to knock out powdery mildew also.

Does Neem control Japanese Beetles to any extent?

I’m just starting to test on JBs. Seems to have stopped them on my grape vine but I just don’t know how well it will work long term. Bill

I’ll start using Neem and report results. Thanks for info.

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If I mix up a big tank of Neem oil and water and don’t use it all right away, would it hurt anything to just let whatever is left sit in the backpack sprayer until I need it again? Do I need to add any soap as a surfactant?

Looks like I need to order a gallon or so of Neem.