Tennessee grown bananas

Well, no bananas yet, but I finally got my first flower on my Veinte Cohol. I’d need to go back and check my records, but I think it took about 2.5 years to produce the first flower.

For those of you who grow bananas (@Richard), any advise on actually getting edible fruit? The plants are outside in pots now, but will move into the greenhouse when colder weather hits. Probably in another month or so.

Here’s a pic of the flower. Not sure if I’ll ever get any fruit, but still pretty happy I was able to get it to flower here in TN.



Congrats Rob. Keep us update!


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Patience and care :slight_smile:

Under spring, summer conditions in my climate (70’s - 80’s F) it’s about 4 months from flower bud to harvest. The few times I’ve had flowering in October (outdoor grown) ripening did not occur until May-June.

If you can provide adequate sunlight and keep the plant away from sustained temperatures below 45F I believe you’ll have success.


Will do, Tony!

Thanks, Richard!

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And… tiny bananas! Don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about another fruit lol



What size pot is that naner in ?

Beautiful picture too!

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It’s not cacao but this is impressive. I’ve seen one other banana flower and fruit outside the tropics or a terrarium in my lifetime and that was at a University in Kansas! They had a small greenhouse and only got fruit once. Are you getting banana pups yet?

Hey guys, here are a couple of pics taken this morning. I moved them into the greenhouse a few weeks ago.

@Hillbillyhort I think they may be in just a 20 gal pot.




@clarkinks yes, there are pups in this pot. I had a second pot full of pups, but I forgot to move it back into the greenhouse one night, and lost them all to frost :frowning: