Tennosui and New World Pears

I got a catalog from England Orchard. The description of Tennosui and New World pears interest me.

Anyone grow them? How do you like the taste? Where are you located? Appreciate your input.

I’ve lost 2 new world pears to fire blight here in Dallas. But of course things can be completely different where you are

Thank you for your input. Yes, our geograghical areas are quite different but it is good to know what you have experienced.

Have had Tennosui here for a number of years… no fruit yet; this might have been the year, but the winter just past killed all blossoms on every pear and most everything else in the orchard.


Glad you chimed in. Your area must have such temperature fluctuation. You are in zone 7. I did not lose any production on pears (both Asian and Euro) or plums this past winter even though it felt like zone 5. Lost some of peach fruit buds, though.

I am not sure I’d like to wait many years for pears. I may try to get scionwood to graft.

Isn’t grafting on to existing tree seems to speed up the fruit production?

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