Termite Poison near edibles

A family member, trying to help, didn’t realize putting this poison close by to edibles was a bad idea! I couldnt find much information about this particular product being used around edibles, but what little I did find suggested it’s not good. One customer question was answered with a suggestion of 3-5ft from fruit trees and vegetables. It appears to be much closer as you can see with the line in the picture below. Does anyone have experience with using Bioadvanced granular termite poison? Should I dig up my edibles in this flowerbed? There are two kumquat trees and some berry plants currently.


What’s the active ingredient?

I just checked on Lowes and it says the primary active ingredient is Beta-cyfluthrin.

I’m not familiar with this compound but you can see if the same compound is used as a pesticide on crops and the concentrations and times used for that purpose. If it hasn’t been approved for such use I would be more concerned.

Interestingly there are two different formulations with this same name. “ Bioadvanced granular termite killer “
One has Beta-cyfluthrin , A synthetic pyrethroid contact insecticide that would pose little risk for eating “nearby “vegetables or fruit.
The other has Imidacloprid, A systemic Neonicotinoid.which to me would be of more concern.
The lable on the Bioadvanced granular termite killer with imidacloprid says not to plant edible plants near there for one year.
However, imidacloprid is labeled for some edible crops under different formulations , ( including kumquats and some berries)
But at certain rates of application, PHI , etc.
It is systemic, so some caution would be an order with application rates and eating such plants.
Here is a lable for edible crops .

One thing is certain, It will kill bees and other beneficial insects that feed on that white clover on your red line

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If the chemical isn’t labeled for edible plants out of an abundance of caution I would move the edibles. Look to be just planted so moving shouldn’t be difficult.

Thanks for all the info! I think I’m going to dig them up sadly.

The kumquats are loaded down with fruit, so that’s unfortunate, but I think you are right. Do you think there is any info on how long until the area is safe again?

One answer is , as I stated above , the label for , Bioadvanced granular termite killer ,says one year

Another answer is : on page 26 of the food crops ,imidacloprid label I provided in a post above , one can apply 32.oz… per acre of a21% solution to the soil . And eat !

My guess is that this is widely used on citrus to control Asian citrus psyillid , and likely cannot even find citrus without it being inside the fruit ! ? ( systemic)
It’s a matter of dosage , notice the Different concentrations and rates on the two different labels ,have to do the math

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The annoying thing about these chemicals is the conflicting info, often within the same set of instructions. My own bottle of permethrin; on the section for flowering plants it warned not to be used on crops, yet a few pages later it gave the instructions for that particular use.

Sometimes you can shop for the set of official instructions that will let you do what you want to do :confused:

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I was able to find a number for the company’s customer service. Unfortunately whether it’s the Beta-cyfluthrin or imidacloprid the same rules that @Hillbillyhort found apply. Everything I have planted in that garden bed is potentially toxic and nothing edible can be planted for at least a year. I’m not sure whether I want to throw out the tree or if it’ll be safe to consume it’s fruit in a year? She also mentioned the 3-5 ft distance from edibles so the rest of my garden beds should be fine.