Terrifying Canker / Gummosis - Opinions?

I found this nasty looking canker / Gumossis on a flowering cherry tree that is within close proximity to my tiny mini orchard (may as well be part of the mini orchard its so close). It reminds me of canker quickly killed a mature plum tree within months, so I feel that I need to cut this tree down ASAP to avoid it spreading to my mini orchard.

The gum forms a dark amber outer shell with oozing yellow interior

Photos attached. Trunk is approx 8 Inch diameter


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I had a peach tree affected by borers in a similar fashion. Where your bark is cracked, the wound went very deep. I removed all the affected bark down to clean wood which took a full third of the trunk at that point. I applied a Neem paste and then covered with docs heal and seal. It was a toss up whether the tree would survive but it did and actually healed eventually. IMO it depends how bad you want to save the tree and even then there are no guarantees.

Given what I know now I would have done a bridge graft.

That is not borers, there is no sawdust in the ooze. It is probably bacterial canker but it doesn’t look exactly like the canker I get - there is no white color in the ooze on my cankers they are clear sap colored.

I would hit those spots with a blowtorch and see if more come back. Probably they will come back given the amount so then chop it down. I have saved trees with far worse canker so it is hard to say if it will make it or not…