Testimonial to smart pots (and other air pruning pots)

Acer buergerianum. Fourth season from seed I started myself in 2016. Just planted in the ground from a 10-gallon smart pot.

Nice root system right there. This is why I feel air-pruning pots are worthwhile.


I’ve been using them for 3yrs. now. although i haven’t kept anything in them for more than a season, i find the plants in them, grow much better than in solid pots. that is a nice full root ball. :wink: i like the 17 gal. and i only fill about 15gal. with soil then mulch with wood chips to nearly the top. helps hold moisture and soil in place.


I grew this in a Smart Pot for two seasons. Schuette’s Oak (hybrid of bur and swamp white).

Germinated the acorn in 2015, planted in the ground in September, 2016. It’s about 3” caliper and 14’ tall.


I’m currently growing my 5 Cherries in soft pots. I’m using 2 45g and 3 30g; the trees seem quite happy them! I also use 1g soft pots when I pot strawberry plants to be transplanted or when starting tomatoe cuttings.