Texas/Mexican Persimmon


Don’t know if anyone here knows about Texas persimmons. They are not graft compatible with
American or kakis. Turns out there is an edible arbor trail near me that has several mature trees both male and female: https://mommypoppins.com/houston-kids/farms-u-pick/exploring-the-missouri-city-edible-trail

Here are the Texas persimmon fruit. Don’t think I see a tree of my own in the future. They are sweet, not too tasty, and the pulp to seed ratio is low. https://flic.kr/p/27bNs7L https://flic.kr/p/28R8Xn9


There is a persimmon tree growing in Fort Payne Alabama that produces black persimmons. I’ve often wondered how that came about. It is possible that it is a typical southeastern (60 chromosome) persimmon tree that carries genes to produce black fruit. It is also possible someone brought a tree/seed from the southwest. It would be interesting to find out. The tree produces fruit yearly which indicates it is being pollinated.


I’ve often wondered if they would be graft compatable with black sapote