Text formatting tools

Among the tools to format the text in a post, I remember there was the strike-through formatting option. It comes handy for updating various lists such as a trade/exchange list, to cross off some items. I also have seen this formatting used recently in other people’s posts. However, now I want to use this formatting to edit one of my posts, and I just cannot find it. I see the bold and emphasize (italic) formatting options but not the strike-through one. Did it disappear or am I loosing my memory? Or is it available only to some categories of members?


You can’t can do it! But you need to hand code it in I think. I’ll add spaces so hopefully it will show, but take those out.
When you want to start the strike through, put in a: < s >
And when you want it to end, put in a: < /s >

You should see the results in the preview window on the right as you edit.

Did that work for you?


It’s been decades since I used many HTML codes. Here are some HTML codes that might work:
use < > and </ > at beginning and end with letters “b” or “i” or “mark” or “s” between the <> and </> marks


Thanks, it does work! I know this method from old days of using HTML, and most likely I have used it in my posts on this forum in the past, but forgot about it. Thank you for the reminder!


Some of the html tags aren’t well supported in Discourse. They actually have a built-in markup language called Markdown, which you can read about here:

You can do some HTML for sure, but markdown is pretty quick once you learn it. For example, strikethrough is just two tildes (~~) on either side of your text, ‘*’ is for Italics, ‘**’ for Bold, etc. If you click on the buttons, you’ll see they’re inserting the markdown signifiers for you.


Yes I used the two tildes last year. Very handy.