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This will be the first year that I have gotten a full harvest of peaches on a semi-mature peach tree. Thanks to everyone for all the help, advice, instructions and support. Still have a lot to learn (like thinning, see pics) but I never would have come close to learning about plum curcilio, peach tree borers, the different fungi, varmit control and spray schedules on my own. Again thanks! Pics are a Desiree Peach tree planted in 2016 from Cummins.


What an accomplishment Spuddaddy! I hope to have a productive tree like that in a year or two.

A tree full of fruit and a trap under it :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats. What have you been spraying on them? Was PC bad in your location?

Our only stone fruit this year will be some wild plums from a tree we transplanted two years ago. I sprayed it with Surround and the fruit look pretty clean so far.

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Hi Bob,

I did not get many PC strikes this year. I switched to Permethrin from Imidan and sprayed immediately after petal fall this year. I think I sprayed 3 times with Permethrin no more than 4 sprays. I am unsure if PC pressure was less this year or if it was due to the fact that i started spraying at the right time this year (the prior year I waited to spray until I saw the first PC strike). For fungus control I used Indar and Regalia with a sticker and Copper late winter (February) Thanks!. - Spud


Well done!!!

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