That Day Has Come

My house is coming up for sale. 2364 sq ft house on 10,434 sq ft yard. I doubt I’ll get this much space where I’m headed. It was great while it lasted!


Bummer that you have to leave a nice house and big, for CA, yard. Where are you headed?


Thanks, looking at nearby areas with better schools. Kids ruin all plans :unamused:


Good luck to you and your family. Hopefully more land to grow fruit trees on the new place.


I know it must be hard to leave your trees. Think how much better you’ll be able to plan for new ones with all your experience!


I am sure that overall this must be a positive thing in your life- better schools, newer/better house, etc. but it must be VERY hard for you to leave all your fruit projects behind. I’m sorry for that part of it but I certainly wish you well on this big life change. You’ve always been one of the good, helpful people here. Even if you have to settle for a smaller yard, there is something to be said for starting all over with your plantings. You’ll undoubtedly have a better idea of what you want to plant, what order to put them in, etc. Also, know this. I have had several real estate agents tell me that having multiple fruit trees substantially increases the resale value of the home. Even people who know nothing about growing fruit and who in reality probably will end up not putting in the work required to keep them producing, they still love the IDEA of having fresh fruit in their yard and so it adds considerable resell value. It is 100% true here and I suspect most everywhere.

But your move really brings up a VERY interesting point that I’ve thought about myself. I’ve put so much time, work, money, etc into my orchard that it has already had a serious impact on my own thoughts about possibly selling my house and moving, and I wonder if others here feel the same. I wouldn’t be surprised if live in this house for the rest of my life- or at least longer than I otherwise would have- just because of my investment of time and money and my love of my orchard and how far along it is. I’ve even considered having a surveyor come and subdivide my property into two lots so I can separate my orchard and sell the house and keep the fruit trees- but the layout would make it very hard to do that. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that -at least for me- orchards are of such importance that they can affect big decisions like whether to sell a house, move, etc. I wonder if that is true for others- sounds like it was important to you but you overcame it (or maybe your wife overcame it for you! ha)


I hope you make some excellent cash on your current house.

And that you find a house that suits everyone.

Speedy planting.



Thanks for the wishes guys. I need every ounce of it! I plan to lay out some Cot n Candy Apriums out on open house day. Hopefully someone really, really likes it!


I was planning on joining @GeorgiaGent to ATL, but that rattlesnake pic… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Good luck with the move. Hopefully you’ll have a new canvas to start painting soon.


There you go.

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Ha ha…

Well think of the fruit trees as the gift that will keep giving for them (until they are ripped out for a lawn!)

I would say good luck on the sale but you don’t need it At least five bids coming through that first week


That idea went sideways quick. The first family to enter emptied the tray of 20 or so fruits! :angry:


I’ll miss my multi graft Asian Pears dearly. They always set the right amount over 3 months or so. Perfect for my family!


How rude! But maybe they loved them so much they’ll want the orchard the most :slight_smile:


People just kill me. I used to grow a ton of extra watermelons, and I’d just put them in a huge pile right by the road with the idea that all my neighbors and others who came by could stop and get a watermelon for their family and perhaps one for a friend. A single car took 31 watermelons and from that day on I could only put out a few at a time. What are people thinking?


That’s so nice of you Kevin. I love watermelons and bought Orangeglo seeds even though I knew we had to sell the house!

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I’ll miss my Washington Navel Orange tree too. I planted it when my five year old daughter was born!


And my decadent Blenheim Apricot tree. Lots to share with family and friends.


My big Flavor Supreme tree set just 16 fruits again. But man are they yumz or what! Look at that color. And birds don’t touch them for some reason.