Thawed Shenandoah pawpaw fruits for breakfast


I did the right thing by freezing my surplus pawpaws for later use and they tasted as good and flavorful as fresh. I did the same thing with the Honey Jar jujubes. One of them have been oxidized by exposed to the air too long before going to the freezer.



I did a bunch like that last year Tony since I’m not supposed to eat them dried. We froze about 100 pawpaw fruits which we used up until June. The flavor is not as good later. Yours look delicious!


My young Shenandoah tree had its first fruit this year and I was disappointed. It tasted bland and not nearly as good as my seedling of Mango that has some complexity to the taste. Hard to believe Neal thought this one was one of his best unless he was just looking for high pulp to seed ratio.

I wonder if this is another fruit whose taste got watered down by all the rain this year?


My Shenandoah pawpaw is 9 years old and very productive with huge fruits. They tasted richer as the later stage of ripening on the counter as the skin turned a little dark brown. I can only handled the rich flavor at the yellowish green stage.


OK thanks. Next year I’ll do more counter aging and hope it improves. They are big, that’s about all I can say for Shenandoah this year. Next year my Susquehana will bear and I have high hopes for that tasting better than Shenandoah.


I tried Shenandoah for the first time this year. I agree with you a bit that it is somewhat of a bland pawpaw. I tried a bunch of different named varieties at a festival and Shenandoah actually stood out the most. It really doesn’t have much of the typical flavors (banana/cantaloupe/bubblegum) that most pawpaws have, but it does have a unique vanilla type of flavor. It also has a nice creamy texture. In my opinion, they tasted more like vanilla pudding than pawpaw. I quite enjoyed them but not as much as Susquehanna. If you want a pawpaw with a strong and sweet flavor, that’s the one.