The amazing Turkish green plum Canerik


Haven’t seen any posts on this subject yet. If anyone has been to Turkey, there is a small sour green plum that is the craze every spring and eaten as addictively as a bag of potato chips. They are hard, unripe plums, of some cultivar I do not know. In Turkish they are called “Erik” or “Canerik”… which means plum. I am trying to replicate this amazing snack and grow it in America but I do not know what variety is the closest cultivar to resemble it? Or, ideally, exact replica?

Is it just unripened green gage plums of various cultivars? Is it the plum sold around here as “Persian Green” ??

Is it something else entirely?

I am obsessed with it. Does anyone know what it is exactly that can be obtained in the U.S?

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Perhaps the Persian Green Plum from Bay Laurel Nursery?


Yes, seems like it is the Persian Green Plum indeed. This blog post also compares them to potato chips. :slight_smile: Called “Goje Sabz” or “Gojeh Sabz” in Persian. Ison’s also sell them:

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