The best Asian Pears


My Hosui and 20th Century pears this year. Still waiting on Shinseiki, KG, Shinko, and Shin Li to ripen. I was blown away by the butterscotch notes on Hosui this year. I’m adding Atago to the orchard next year, hoping it produces some monster pears for me.


You are living in the best spot for most fruit trees in the country.Tony.
My spot is warmer but Pawpaw, jujubes, Peaches, pluots, Apricot… are very challenging for them to grow here.


I like it a lot too but unfortunately, it’s FB susceptible in my yard. It came as one of
varieties on the 4-in-1 tree but it’s now covering less than 5% on the entire tree.


Korean Giant? Yes, different climate yields different results.

That’s why people should pay more attention to recommendations from the growers near them.


Sorry, I must have selected the wrong “reply” button. I meant Seigyoku brought up by Vincent.


The response would still be the same:
Location, location, location :smile:


These Shinko are top rated here in my CLIMATE Z5. SO SWEET and JUICY!!!



Today we picked up Hosui and Shinseiki from a local orchard. Both were very good. I am excited to try out Shinko. The orchard has their target date as 9/26 for that variety.

So far next year I am adding the following:

(2) Hosui
(2) Shinseiki
(1) Shinko
(1) Olympic

I am running out of room, but hopefully can make it work!


Hi! It is possible that my asian pear is one Drippin Honey? I saw pics from another user and they are very similar, just like mine!


Could be. Dripping honey does have fruit stem a little thicker near the end that attached the fruit and light colour


The flavour is very good! :yum:


Should be very sweet


Yes, very very sweet and juicy! My God if they are dripping honey i’m a very lucky guy!


I’m planning on adding just Olympic. One tree is probably too much in a good year. What would I do with it all? I’d have to either donate most of it or sell it to an Asian grocery store. Are there many uses for the Asian pears besides eating fresh?


I guess it depends how many other trees you have ripening at that time and how big your family is. Olympic doesn’t ripen until October, if you don’t have a lot of other things to eat at that time you could add Hosui which ripens end of August/early September. They should also store for a few months.

We have a small honor system farm stand, so if we have any extra of anything we can normally sell it. That’s why I plant more than normal.


My wife’s Asian and always assumed the Asian pears were just better, but when I bought some Comice from the grocery store and used that to introduce her to European pears she converted to a Euro pear lover. I understand personal preference plays a role, but I think apples are more versatile. They’re better for cooking, or at least that’s what I think.

Having a farm stand changes the game and you can plant whatever you want to be able to sample as the season progresses. Of course, a less ambitious guy like me could just graft a few branches onto a main tree.


They are very good dried with a food dehydrator.


How does KG grow in hot southern California? I have a hard time believing it needs 1000 chill hours that some websites suggest.



I tasted more than ten varieties of Asian pear this year. Drippin honey is the best.
Yulu Fragrant pear tree bear a few fruits for the first time this year. Unfortunately they were on the top of small twigs. The wind blew them off before ripening. I picked from ground. Not very sweet yet. Hope I could get more next year.