The best Asian Pears

My Daisui Li had very red spring leaves. Do you recall what yours looked like earlier in the season?

In the spring, several newly leafed out pear leaves are quite red/redish so I can’t recall this one in particular.

Also, Andrew, I don’t remember what I wore to work yesterday, never mind what my pear leaves looked like several months ago :joy:


Agree. First crop this year on Raja–came in about mid-August here, close to the same time as Chojuro—and I thought it was excellent: very sweet and juice to spare. It’s a strong grower and healthy so far. No fire blight strikes that I can recall the past few years we’ve had it—and if there were any, they were minor ones. Anyway, it was my favorite this season. Large Koreans are getting ripe now, and they aren’t too shabby either! :slight_smile:


Good thing I read this thread, I think I’m holding off in buying Daisui Li. I’ll see how the rest of them do in my yard first.

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My Dasui li has red yong leaves too in the spring.
This is the picture from last year.


Tippy, I am not sure what cultivar you have. My Daisui li is yellow when ripe. But Shin li is greenish.
Compare there two cultivars, I prefer Shin li to Daisui li. Shin li is way bigger pear, very juicy, crispy. But the qualities still do not match what Korean Giant, dripping honey, or other asian pears have. Shin li is lack of flavor. I hope it improves in the future.
This is my Shin li thus year.


We’re in the same 7a MD zone as you (St. Mary’s) and was thinking of ordering a Shinko and KG for our small yard, but it sounds like Shinko won’t be that great in our zone. We’ll switch our order to a KG and Hosui instead. Thanks for the review.

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I just bought 3 KG from my local Korean Supermarket, the skin of this pear is very thick, not really my favorite, I don’t even want to finish it. I’m glad I gave the tree to my brother.

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