The best Asian Pears


this pear is out of my kitchen scale,could be near11/2 lb


Here are my first asian pear fruits: Shinseiki. I picked them around sept 1rst here, in my zone 4b. My Chojuro died (I still don’t know what from, guessing it’s something to do with roots), my Kenko is struggling (same problem), my neighbour’s Hayatama died. Shinseiki tree is super healthy, very productive, but not very vigourous. After seeing how disease free, bug free, delicious and refreshing the fruits are, I regreted I didn’t plant more Shinseiki trees. I love this tree. I hope it doesn’t die on me soon!


Glad to see those are working for you Jessica4b. Fruits are perfect without any blemishes! They look delicious!


This is my first year eating Asian pears. I picked my own at Red Fern Farm in Wapello, IA. They have ‘Korean Giant’ and ‘Shinko’. Like @clarkinks weather is hot here. His summers should be hotter than mine, however there are many a night that a ceiling fan on full throttle above a bed doesn’t stop someones body from perspiring continuously to the point of soaking wet.

‘Shinko’ was my favorite by far. It was juicier, had more complex flavor, and still crunchy. ‘Korean Giant’ was much more bland a flavor. And it’s such a large fruit that one might not always want to eat an entire one in one sitting whereas ‘Shinko’ is a good size to eat all at once, every time.

I returned to buy more Asian pears. So two trips. I can’t wait to try Drippin’ Honey, Chojuro, and I guess all others.



Well so much for blight resistance, Kenko died.


Here in Dallas, unsprayed, Senseiki is my bugs favorie, most fruit infected. My other half dozen varieties have minimal damage so far


Thanks for Sharing. Down in S.A., Le Conte gets hit hard, but Monterrey, Fan-Stil & Shinko Shake it off like nothing happens (barely a black tipped leaf, not a twig or bloom lost). Also completely unsprayed. What other varieties are you working with?


Hosui, Korean Giant, Shinko, Yoinashi, Shinsui all in 3rd leaf & have a few ea

Moonglow, LeConte, Keiffer, Orient, Green Jade, Harrow Sweet, Harrow Gold, Warren, Potomac, Pineapple, Maxine, Harrow Delight, Seckle 3rd leaf

Some trees in 2nd leaf; Gem, Plumbee, Harvest Queen, Monterry

Just planted Turnbull

I used to have more, but moved to a new house 2 years ago. Keiffer has always done well for me

I’ve had 3 20th Century’s, 2 Chojuro’s, & a Shin Li die from fb here

I have 2 LeConte’s, maybe a mistake?

Encouraging to hear Monterrey does well, I’m hoping its a sport of Garber

Only FB Ive seen this year is on my Keiffer (?) & Hoople Antique Gold Apple


Did you graft or plant full trees? How well do Asian Scions take? I have a Korean giant, Ayers, 4-1 disease tolerant pear from DWN and a dripping honey. Thinking about grafting some additional varieties to these trees.


Funny thing about Le Conte, one was beaten back to the stump, and the other was minimally affected. I believe it has something to do with the vigor, as the one that was most vigorous was then most affected. Out of your varieties that don’t succumb to FB, which would you say flavor up best in our climate?


I haven’t grafted any of these. I remember another poster, Lucky, saying you couldn’t throw pear scions in the same room without them mating! but I have no first hand experience.

I forgot my Ayers, 3 years, doing great!, a half dozen fruit, no fb or bugs. Also & my Misharasu, Hood, & Duchess de Angouleme, planted this year

I’ve had the best luck so far w Hosui, Ayers, & Keiffer


I grafted Shinko for my 1st time grafting pears, on not-very-vigorous shoots (small trees), in temps too high and too sunny for several days. Both took beautifully, lol.

I was expecting to have to come back if we got a cool wave but didn’t want the wood getting too old, either. Now I don’t even have to try again in better weather :slight_smile:

I do use Parafilm, tho. And I shaded the grafts on the sunniest sides.


Has anyone had experience with Shin Li. I picked up a tree at a local nursery. Thanks.


I had a really delightful and huge Asian pear last Fall at an NCGR orchard. It was a Jilin Market unit with a number that I don’t remember. If I make it out there again this year I’ll try to get the number, and some scions…and be ready to prop up branches on my still fairly small pear trees. The tree was large and mature so it could provide mucho scions.


Shin Li is a nice quality pear, very juicy and refreshing, and different than most of the brown russeted types. I bought a tree after trying some of fruit at the market. It’s quite a vigorous tree. The fruit is more oblong in shape like some euro pears.


Thanks .


This is my first fruit from a potted Daisui Li pear. This is the best Asian pear I’ve ever eaten. I am totally surprised. I’ve eaten fruit from at least a dozen Asian pear cultivars and this is the best.


Does it have a good crunch like Yali or Fragrant pear.



Yes it does.


Great! That’s a keeper.