The best Strawberry in France

I am going to grow these next year. I do not know if they are in the States yet, but if they are they are just the best strawberry. They are called ‘Mariguette’. They are a cross between Gariguette and Mara des Bois, strawberries are not better tasting than those two varieties, in my opinion. They are a lighter red color and are not huge in size, but they are not small like frais des bois. They are a (I believe a day neutral). I will find out. What they are not in size they surely make up in flavor!


i have mara des bois and dead ripe its the best tasting strawberry i grow. ive heard of Mariguette but havent seen it offered here in the states. i grow a bunch of the alpine types and find they are very good and productive all summer as well. my little 20 month old niece loves to pick and eat them. :slight_smile:


the Alpines are tart and children do love them!!!

most of mine are sweet. the yellows are sweeter but nothing close to the maras.


Maras are the best! But now I’ll be keeping an eye out for that cross.