The dangers of Pawpaw consumption


It’s good to have you here @RNeal. I live about 10 minutes away from where you tasted your first Paw Paw. At least that’s what I’ve read. The last few years the University has had a Paw Paw party each fall when the fruit comes into season. People interested can stop by and sample the fruit and also get info on how to propagate the seeds. It was the first place I tasted the fruit. Hopefully you choose the stick around and share some of your wisdom with us all.


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Hey Neal, my apologies for causing you this grief. I should have worded the post better. I would agree your tremors are not related to Parkinson’s. Those tremors are easy to tell. Your tremors do look drug induced. Sorry to hear you have to endure these side effects. Having known people with Parkinson’s disease I still cannot get myself to eat pawpaws.
I was very interested in them, until I found out about the toxin. Well that is not totally true. Not until I looked at what the toxin does, did I decide this fruit is not for me. I over reacted mostly due to my own personal experience with people I know passing from this terrible disease. Thanks for posting to clear things up. But this is far from the only site, as many have noticed and commented on your video.


@RNeal I also wondered about a pawpaw/tremor connection in an earlier post here without using names or video. My apologies to you Neal and can’t fathom what it’s like to endure those headaches. I hope there’s a cure out there somewhere. I imagine you’ve explored meditation, possible stress causes. I have endured much pain in my life from stress induced pain syndromes.


Cluster headaches have no cure. I think medicine would not hide this information if they knew it.

The disease is complex and purely understood. The symptoms are well known: typically the headache strikes in the middle of sleep, at the onset of REM. It is always one-side of the head, centered on the eyeball from which the pain radiates to the entire half of the head, the teeth, the neck, copious tears, nasal discharge, red skin flushing. The pain is excruciating and lasts on average an hour. Some men have committed suicide rather than go on.

Most sufferers are men; the headaches occur EVERY night for a month or more, then cease and return 12 months later. For some people, such as myself, it is chronic daily, not seasonal. Scientists understand that the malady arises from a malfunction of the hypothalmus, and that the pain is mediated through the trigeminal nerve.

There are approaches to aborting the headache in the first 5 minutes of onset. There are about 6 drugs that can be effective as prophylactics (discovered by trial and error for each person). No cure exists, although LSD shows promise. But LSD is illegal, even for scientists to test.

Per your questions: I meditate, have for decades, but it has no effect for my headaches. The only known trigger is alcohol, which I avoid. We hear that for certain painful conditions, marijuana is a solution. I seldom partake but knew there would be no harm in smoking. So one morning upon waking the headache was there; I went to a friend’s house and we smoked. Ha ha! Now I had a major headache and was high at the same time. I don’t recommend it.



I am suspecting that there may be other compounds in the Annonaceae fruits that can counteract the effects of annonacin. Many fruits often come with various nutraceuticals that when purified for one substance can be extremely toxic or highly medicinal, but when taken together they are in harmony that prevents the toxicity of one type to be fully expressed. Leaves of A. muricata or graviola or soursop have been used to treat cancer even though it has annonacin.

The annonacin content of various Annonaceae fruits have kept me from making wines out of them.

The FDA has published the annonacin content of various Annonaceae fruits, and Cherimoya seemed to have the lowest content so I may make wine out of them one of these days.

Nonetheless, since the cat is out of the bag, efforts should be made to consider the annonacin content of pawpaws as one of the selection criteria when developing new cultivars.


I have a brother in law who had a variety of health complaints clear up after having a chiropractor work on his cranials (Skull bones). You might look into that, as it was a night and day difference for him, and impacted more of his health then they realized. I hope you can get some relief.

I’m not growing pawpaws, but plan to. My dad has Parkinson’s, but we are sure his was contributed to by his long term use of cholesterol lowering drugs. He’s never had a pawpaw in his life.
“Moderation in all things” is a good idea, that most disregard if it is another prescription. The idea that Dr’s know best would be nice if it was always true, but the number of deaths from preventable medical error makes educating self a good idea.

I appreciate the info shared here because not every body is the same. If anyone in my family experiences any issues with eating pawpaw fruits, someday (when and if I actually grow some) then I will have more knowledge to weigh into our experience.


I agree that this would be very desirable. Unfortunately the cost of testing may be prohibitive for anyone on a small budget especially considering that there is no major financial incentive based on the current market share of this fruit. I think that this type of project would probably have to be undertaken by a university research department.


KSU is doing testing for annonacin:

"We are screening current pawpaw cultivars for
acetogenin activity:

High: NC-1, Overleese, Mitchell, Middletown, Susquehanna,…

Low: Sunflower, Wabash, Potomac, Zimmerman, Wells,…"


Great thread…Thankyou.Neal.and ALL that contributed…being a biologist and now a student of permaculture…I can say that yes lab test will extract and concentrate a substance as to isolate it, knowing then that the results are caused by this one variable…of course in nature things don’t work this way…too much of a substance can be poison, but just a bit less can be medicine…any way please use your own mind and discretion to decide