The drought intensifies

As the drought intensifies throughout the USA we may expect food shortages and price increases on the food available. My area and others are in the darkest red which is exceptional drought. Nearby areas are in an extreme drought. We are now very familiar with these cycles and have grown used to them. When the rain comes it is usually extreme and all at once or hardly noticeable. Most fruit trees are under extreme stress.

This is the same trend as last year



Share a link to a goFundme so we can all donate to get you some needed rain.

Idk the exact companies serving your area but we can make it happen! /sarcasm

Or you want them to stop using up all the rain before it gets to you…

I am sure there are more keywords such as cloud seeding to learn and educate ourselves about that I am unaware of.

a response from Chat GPT on the ten largest geoengineering companies-
As an AI language model, I don’t have access to real-time information and cannot provide up-to-date lists. However, here are ten geoengineering companies and the year they were founded:

  1. Carbon Engineering (2009)
  2. Climeworks (2009)
  3. Blue Planet (2013)
  4. Carbon Clean Solutions (2009)
  5. Global Thermostat (2010)
  6. Skytree (2009)
  7. CarbonCure Technologies (2007)
  8. Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (2003)
  9. TerraCOH (2015)
  10. Carbon Upcycling Technologies (2014)

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Im using the dry weather as a way to finish my much needed land transaction. I’m driving through a great deal of normally inaccessible areas. The drought continues, but my new property has a creek, 5 acre pond, and an excess of underground water. The mississippi may not be functional forever, and it indirectly feeds a great deal of our nation. First Alert: South Mississippi’s drought intensifies to worst level


We’ve received 5" throughout last week in w Michigan. Ponds are benefitting, soybeans and later corn in the fields need drier conditions to harvest. Hope things improve by y’all


Parts of Kentucky are experiencing the mildest classification of drought.
But about 7 straight years of above average rain…
does that mean 7 years of below average are coming?

(Reminds me of the 7 fat years and the 7 lean years back in Genesis in the Bible.)


Drought here has faded away after the dry spring and summer.

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