The illusive Sweet Tango at Wal Mart

Was at Wal Mart this morning where I ran across the illusive Sweet Tango. Although I’ve tasted it before and was not blown away I picked some up to see if they were any better this year. They were. They were actually cheaper in price than their big brother honeycrisp. The size of the apples were medium sized about 2.75" diameter. The texture was almost identical to their parent the honeycrisp. Explosively juicy and crisp when bit into. The flavor was much better than what I rememeber last year. These were very tart and citrusy in a good way. Quite sweet as well. Many of you know I’m a Honeycrisp lover and it’s my favorite apple. Especially when locally picked at the orchard. This sweet tango, even as a store bought apple was pretty darn close. I would say the flavor is a little more citrusy and complex so those of you that feel honeycrisp is all crunch and lacks flavor may prefer the sweet tango.

Check your local wally world. I know these are difficult to get for many of you.

Where did they come from? MN?NY?MI?WA?

The bag says Stemilt Growers, Washington. The single apple just say USA.


I tried 2 Sweetango a few years ago. One bought at Walmart and the second one at some other store. The one at Walmart did not impress me on the flavor. The second one I bought was very good.

I see my local grocery store had a bunch of them available for the first time this past weekend. Not sure where they came from as each individually had a sticker on it but no orchard name or listing of what state. Here in WI, I heard only two orchards were licensed to grow this variety. I was tempted to buy some but I have so many Bartlett pears now ripe that I decided not to. Hard to justify buying apples when my apple trees are just loaded with fruit this year.

I DO want to try Pizzaz. I know of ochardists on the west side of WI growing it but have not found it for sale around my area (neither the fruit nor trees for sale). Anyone try Pizzaz yet? One of the newer Honeycrisp crosses.

I bought a few at the local co-op here…t.hey were grown in MN (says the sticker)… excellent apples…i can see the HC in them…smaller and easier to eat. Too bad its going to be impossible to get these trees for another decade :frowning: Maybe grow out the seeds and hope for something similar? Grow them out then chip bud them to a mature tree and probably get fruit in a few years.

That is the one i think they grow in Galesville (I drive past one of their orchards often)…ill have to run up there when they come into season and buy some…its only 20 min from here.

“The Pazazz is expected to give Honeycrisp a run for its money. It’s considered the perfect winter apple because it is harvested in late October and holds its flavor longer than most apples.”

yup, Our Walmart had some and they are really good.
We only bought three because we have more apples than we know what to do with .

I bought 4 and found them to be an excellent apple. I plan on growing out some seed and grafting it over to my trees and we’ll see what happens.

Was at my local wal-mart and went by the produce to look for Sweet Tango, because of this post. Thanks for the info. They had them, so I bought a few and tried them. Excellent texture- very crunchy, almost crispy, and very juicy. The flavor was good, but not great.