The King will always be the King

Flavor King still the top eating pluots or plums in my book.

In order below are Flavor King, F. Grenade, Real sweet sugar prune.



Tony are you having to provide protection to those varieties above to get them through our NE winters?

No protection. They handled the -19F this past Winter with no problem.

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The King. I don’t know if one could get a better rating. I had blooms but none survived the late cold weather last spring. There should be more blooms next year so my chances for fruit should improve, My first taste of a pluot (F.G.) was from a publix a few years back, It was awesome.


Tony, the sionwood i got from you turn into big tree’s but no fruit probably no pollinators around. Could you tell me a good one to grow.

I will send you some more scions for cross pollination next March.

I picked the rest of my Flavor King pluots last evening, a little over 40lbs! I refrigerated around half for fresh eating and kept the ripest fruit on kitchen table to ripen up for fruit leather. I promised last year to post my fruit leather recipe with no sugar but got completely ravaged by dry fruit beetles. After around a 80% fruit loss last year I picked up every fallen and infested fruit and disposed properly. This year has payed off big, very few beetles and maybe 5 to 10% loss. I have to work tomorrow through the weekend salmon fishing, but should be able to post my recipe early next week.


I haven’t had the pleasure of trying flavor king yet. I found some Flavor grenade in the supermarket last week they were great - crisp and very sweet, but far from home grown. Surprisingly they weren’t marketed as flavor grenade or even pluots, just “green plumcots”. They needed to ripen which makes me think they were picked too early even by commercial standards. To date my favorite plum remains Seneca which I highly recommend!


Hope that will work, so thanks Tony, Bob.

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im really hoping for a good fruit set on any of my plums/pluots. I may have to bust out the smudge pots if we get another late freeze next spring. Im not growing fruit trees to not ever get fruit.

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I haven’t seen any plumcots/pluots in the stores this year. Seen several different varieties last couple years, wonder why that is. Of course, being in NE KY, getting such fruit is hit and miss.

@fruitgrower, wow, what a beautiful crop, jealous! How is salmon fishing work? Are you a guide or something?

Thanks Bob, we had 2 late freezes here in March that fried a lot of blossoms, so not everything is producing as it should. Can’t remember the last 28 degree freeze in March, very rare here but got a taste of tough fruit growing. This is probably why you are not seeing much this year. Salmon fishing has been going good this year, a few pics…

yes guiding, limits this day!


Good pics for the thread title.


Wow, quite a haul, some really nice fish. That’s a lot of salmon steaks and fillets, thanks for sharing. To keep in line with the thread, which I tend to derail, are those KING salmon? Sorry, Tony, back to the topic at hand…


I would like to know as well. King Salmon tastes so much better than the other salmons, I would like to know what KING looks like😊

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Yes, the King will always be the King! Here’s today’s biggest King, Cloies first salmon, she did a great job landing it.

Also snacked on flavor king pluots today which are so refreshing on the water when it’s hot!


Yes, King Salmon, delicious!

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Last batch of Flavor Grenade with some big crunch and real sweet but no fragrance like the KING! They both are definitely a keeper…



Those look great! Enjoy!

That’s very impressive!