The mother of all ripening charts?

Is there a site out there that has a ripening chart for every single fruit variety under the sun!?!?! I know the answer is “no” but I’m wondering what else is out there. I’m trying figure out when my grafted fruit will ripen so I can group things on similar ripening stock.

Adams County has a nice list, and it’s fairly close to me so the dates should be pretty accurate:

Dave Wilson also has a nice list, but they’re on the other side of the country and their dates seem about a month early:

Has anyone found any other charts like these?

Bay Laurel is very general (“Mid August”) and you have to click each variety to get the ripening period.
Trees of Antiquity is even more general (“Early”, “Late”) and you also have to click on each variety.

Those are the two largest that I know of. And just like you said Dave Wilson’s is larger but does not apply to the east coast. Adams would be accurate for me but their varieties are much different

I was looking for info on Flavor Candy and Purple Candy pluots. They are available in Europe and the descriptions say they are Zaiger’s varieties. When I searched Dave Wilson and other US sources I wasn’t able to find anything about them so I thought European nurseries made the Zaiger’s connection up. But then a grower on a different forum told me he has a maturity chart for California from 2001 and both of these pluots are there. I started to search for it online and came up empty handed but I found some other recent ones (similar to the one you posted) and saved the links so there you go :slightly_smiling:

Dave Wilson

Ultimate apple maturity chart (from Michigan)

By the way 4 weeks later by DWN chart sounds about right but there are some major discrepancies when comparing DWN and ACN charts like Flavor Grenade which is ripening in both at the beginning of September. Not sure if it’s a mistake on AC Nursery chart or they just like to harvest them earlier.

Some of the “ripening order” information in Raintree’s catalog I find interesting. Of course, it reflects their experience in the Pac Northwest.

You might check out this page- quite a few charts, tips, and Grampa type bits and pieces:’s-Growing-Tips

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Good luck with your search but also start your own record keeping. I have kept records on when my trees bloom and ripen since the mid 1980’s. I am up to almost 1,400 varieties total and still spend spring days walking through my orchard taking notes on bloom start, peak and petal fall.

Then once fruit starts to ripen I roam around and take notes on ripening start dates and length of ripening, some heirloom varieties can ripen over a month.

I take written notes and then copy all the data into an access database.

I tease my wife and say when I croak and you decide to sell this place please do so to someone who will appreciate all the work I did in putting this orchard together from scratch and being so OCD on my notes and record keeping !


I think about three years my answer may be:

Chris is really working hard on it, and if we keep helping him add data, it should get there sooner than later!

Thanks Derek -
I’ve been doing just that with my trees and have used the Adams County chart as a starting point and now have more accurate dates for my little patch. The introduction of grafting this year is going to change everything and I’ll be flying blind again. It’s a good news/bad news story. If all my grafts take, I’ll have to figure out when a couple dozen more varieties ripen. If the grafts don’t take, I won’t have anything to worry about!