The orchard today 5-9-15


Proud Poppa



Wow!!! That’s impressive!

Mike, that is a good looking orchard. What would say are the dimensions for that area? It’s difficult for me to get perspective from photos?

What a variety of harvests you have coming your way!

Wow !!! Nice post-and-wires.

The fenced area is 150x50.
I don’t want to be too presumptuous and say that I am “expecting” a harvest. :sweat_smile::blush::blush::blush:

However, the trees that have bloomed are: apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines, peaches, cherries, apples and pears.

Now just try and turn those blooms into edibles.

See my ZEST AR espalier. I love how it developed.



Sara, Matt…

Thanx. It took 3 years to get here and worth every sore muscle, cut, sprain, disappointment and embarassment.


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The blooming Zestar espalier is nothing short of gorgeous. It is as though garlands of apple blossoms are floating in the air. Very nice.

That was a lot of hard work and determination to accomplish that much in three years. You earned the right to be proud of it. You’re right that it’s too early to expect a good harvest.The blooms are just a signal of hope. Getting the good harvest will still take skill, work, and luck .

Would you mind giving a detailed description of your post and wire systems? Trellis systems that we’ve installed here took work, but as novices to the project our future ones could be greatly improved. I can be a bit slow on the uptake. So, the greater the detail, the better.



It will be my pleasure to write it up. But it will have to wait till next weekend when I get back up to the orchard so I can take some photos of the fittings and connectors.



Awesome looking orchard Mike!

I just thought that I had seen beautiful orchards before. You know that you have just moved the bar about 10’ feet higher for the rest of us, or at least me. Looks great. Bill


Thank you


Mike, your orchard is lovey, but I have to say, the setting is spectacular!! What a beautiful piece of land you have, I an envious.


Beautiful. Look forward to the taste reports too.


Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I am floored by all of the positive reactions. I was more focused on the individual trees and hadn’t stepped back to take a look. I’ve been looking at it with different eyes.

Don’t get me wrong I was happy and, like I said proud, but nothing like the level of the reactions.

Thanx. Patty, that’s funny because that is the exact feeling I had when I saw your place.

In the next few days I’ll upload a few images of the place.

Once again, thank you all.


Very impressive setup with what appears to be some heavy duty steel posts and ground anchors. Now I can see how you are growing over 100 varieties. Is it your plan to espalier everything or does the row spacing allow for some three dimensional trees?


All espalier, horizontal or fan. I have to admit that a couple of the the peaches and nects are putting up a valiant fight in thwarting me.

These are at the far right side. These two are growing into the lane and blocking it off. But despite my efforts they have grown into very nice open centers. I think I will let them fruit out and will do some serious reshape pruning after harvest.


Mike- Can I just ad a big WOW! Seriously…I want not only your orchard, but your house and your land! All are beautiful. It looks like you are surrounded by a nice stand of timber, something I’ve always dreamed of having on my land but is getting harder to find. You seem to have this perfect oasis in the middle of the great outdoors. I suspect you have deer pressure with those woods nearby, but clearly you have taken steps to minimize the damage. Since this is an orchard forum I should say more about that part of your photos…and its easy to do. SO clean, orderly, and well designed. But like others have said, that espalier is the crown jewel. I’ve always wanted one but don’t really have a nice wood fence, side of building, or other structure where you usually see them. I hadn’t thought about just setting up wires and doing them like you did, so I may have to try that. Great photos. Thanks for giving lots of us something to strive for!

Mike, I really like the thought you put into your orchard. Ok, we’ve all been through mistakes and errors but your orchard is as clean and protected as they come. Wish I could afford your fence! Give it two more years and you’ll be walking through a maze! It is fantastic! Mrs. G


I’m curious about your espalier apple. How do you prune to get it flowers so close to the main trunk? I have 3 espalier apples tree but 2 of them (Fuji and Hudson Golden Gem) are so stubborn to flower at all. They’re into their 4th year but not even once they flower. I suspected I did not prune properly.