The Rossignol farm crabapple

is has been suggested that i start a new thread on this apple i discovered growing on a local farm one of my co workers owns. please post comments here instead of on Clarks crab thread. t.y.


Where is local?

Northern Maine, on the border with Canada.


From the thread on Clark’s Crabapple:

The Rossignol Farm Crabapple was getting a lot of traction in that discussion.


another thing id like to point out, the tree is growing on a very windy, unprotected hill. the -40’s we got 2 winters ago it survived without damage and the winter of 09’ it survived unscathed the -50f all time record low with no damage. this tree looks to be about 70yrs old but likely much older considering where its growing. it even has a drastic tilt to the south east due to the n.w winds. its also never been pruned or sprayed.


There’s a lab test for that, not sure if it is applicable to all plant genera.

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please keep us posted on how easily it grafts and its growth rate…

I’m sure you’ll have people wanting to try it themselves… (wink)


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Sounds like it should be winter hardy in the lower 48 :wink:

Tough old trees like that deserve to be propagated.


you & art should deff have that thing. :slight_smile:


and at least half of Canada. -50f is z2.


Forgive me if this has already been asked, but are we sure it’s a seedling? Did you check for grafts or ask the story of how the farm came by it?

yes i did. she said it was there when her great grandfather bought the land in the 50’s. i highly doubt its any kind of graft as up until the last 30 yrs. no one around here knew what a graft was. trunk is smooth the whole length. ive seen lots of wild old apple trees around here and all are seedlings.


I’d be interested in a few scions next year.

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