The thing about mistakes in fruit growing means you tried something new

What was that new thing you tried that didn’t work out or will need some perfecting? My apricots produce heavy once in a lifetime practically but they are huge and beautiful. Can’t count all of my experiments in fruit growing I’ve done over the years! A friend brought up my acre of strawberries the other day. Got buried in strawberries once! The thing I learned was strawberries like an inch of water every week. Like my kiwi experiment it ended during the drought. My honeyberries and currants burned up in the sun. My akebia never produced fruit or got very big. My maypop died quickly like most of my jujubes, pomegranate, ponserous trifoliata. My figs were finally killed last year when I was extremely sick and not able to cover them with a truck load of wood chips. Save yourself some trouble in Kansas grow blackberries, pears, black raspberries , concord grapes , Reliance peaches, pawpaw, persimmon and jujube hardy to this area!

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I got 74 sweet lemons off of my zone 6 outside in ground New Zealand lemonade tree.