The ultimate cherry pitter

What is your idea of the best cherry pitter? They certainly are getting better! I’m considering this model.

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Those are very large cherries! I wonder how it would work on smaller varieties?

I’d think the hopper could slant downward so as to feed the cherries into the pitter. It seems that you’d have to set them each one at a time into the slots, which would be slow


I’m going to wait on the real review I think Dwarf Sour Cherry, Sour Cherries, Dwarf Sour Cherries for sale and save some cash on the same Pitter slightly cheaper $175.

Disappointing that this one, too, can miss some pits

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Very interesting video . The norpro pitter in the video went through these partially frozen / chilled carmine Jewell cherries like they were not a problem. 2 gallons took 20 minutes to pit.

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