The Underrated Tamopan Persimmon

I recently wrote an article titled Persimmon Candy on my blog since persimmon drying season is in full swing. Tamopan has been a star for me. This cultivar has it all: seedless (thus far), large fruit, awesome flavor, vigorous tree, and ornamental. Please remember to slice these beasts in half to ensure adequate drying.
Tamopan3 Tamopan5 Tamopan4


Cool photos. I’m getting good results with Nikita’s Gift and someday will add more varieties.

I saw that these are also cold hardy to 6B from another poster… interesting.

I hadnt thought of them until i saw this post from Bob Wells Nursery…which is also an interesting way to grow them.

I think someone else has a post about spacing… looks pretty close to me.


Saw this for the zones…:face_with_spiral_eyes:

Also saw a pic of a tree tilted from them. They must be heavy too! Look really cool! I put a saijo in the ground for mother day.