The versatile fish smoker!


When fishing and gardening are one and the same, aside from worms and bugs that’s used as bait. I’ve been enjoying the excellent use of my fish smoker. I’ve been using it to sterilize soils for germinating seeds. Sterilized soil is excellent to prevent damping off and other problems when germinating seeds. I also use it to hasten seed germination by setting it to about 98 F for planted seeds in cups. I can set to exactly the desired temperature for so many hours, without making our house smelly as it is outside! Truly excellent use of the smoker when I’m not fishing.


Good idea. I have similar size and shape smoker in back yard. Don’t get used it often, only couple of times a year. This is another way to put the smoker in use.


Yup! It has better temperature control than the oven.


i think i misunderstood. . . .