The World Finest Yellow Kiwi From New Zealand

I got this amazing yellow Kiwi from Costco. They are the sweetest and best Kiwi that I have ever eaten. Try some and see if you are on the same boat with me.



Thanks for the heads up! It looks like this is the successor to the Zespri Gold aka Hort16A. I may try to grow out some seeds of this.

Good luck Scott. They are excellent
I hope the seedlings are hardy enough for your zone.


I have found all fuzzy kiwis to be hardy for me. The only problem is if they ripen soon enough, some of them need a longer season than I have.

They look great…i’ve ate the gold ones in the past and really liked them.


Can you explain the process of starting fuzzy Kiwi from seeds. Any stratification? I may try some.


When I did it I cleaned and dried the seeds and put in the fridge until Feb or so. They were really easy to sprout.

The main problem I had was getting males, almost all my seedlings turned out to be males for some reason.

How do you tell a male from female fuzzy kiwi seedling?

You grow it out and look at the flowers. That makes it frustrating, it can take several years to find out.

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Thanks, even if that wasn’t what I wanted to hear. :smile: It’s the only way I knew, but thought you might have some secret knowledge of a shortcut to tell while they were just seedlings.

Thanks for the tip! These are amazingly good. The first one I tried had banana & melon undertones, very sweet at the blossom end. The second one had a mellow sweet lime hint. Both had juicy and melting flesh. The remaining kiwis will be gone very soon at this rate. I’m thinking these would be excellent in a cocktail. :thumbsup:

I bought clamshell today!

The other problem might be, what kind of pollinators did they used?

Perhaps the farmers used a green- flesh tasteless kiwi as a pollinator on purpose so when people try to plant the seeds, the seedlings would not produce a pure yellow kiwi?

Anyways, I will plant a couple of seeds this week; and perhaps one seedling might produce a pure yellow kiwi.

Does anyone has a fruiting kiwi vine grown from sungold seeds already?