These are nice bait stations for rodents

You can make them out of white PVC pipe. I like them ready made, saves time and they come with baffles. I tired the flat bait stations, but prefer these. I can anchor these down with long spikes or ties. If you want to make them, see YT.

About $16 at Tractor Supply

Top Loader® Bait Station - J.T. Eaton (

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I am using diphacinone on my homemade ones and have had a lot of success.

What bait are you using?

I am just using cut pieces of pvc pipe abt 12 inches long that i had leftover from plumbing. I set out about 30 pipes.

They took all of my brown Ramik. not touching the Ramik green i just bought at all. .i may spray the green ones with peanut butter tea if no interest.

I’ve used something very similar. Very effective for voles.