These trees okay for mushroom logs?


I have a mix of trees I thinned out on my property. I already used some oak and poplar but I have more spawn and this type of wood

Not sure what they are or if anyone can Id just from bark. Most likely a native tree I would guess.


Something of interest, I imagine, to the mycologically inclined:


I see oak (could be zelkova if not oak), and I see sourwood (oxydendron arboreum)….the one with the most lichen I cannot tell it’s identity.


I found a list on-line once that included Use ̶ So-so ̶ No-Go categories, hoping to find my abundant Oregon Ash listed. I did find it, in the No-Go list. Dang it ̶ they were right. After having years of success on Sweet Gum and Oak, the Ash produced contamination and boring bugs. It pays to check and I suppose that a tree not specifically listed but a close relative of a ‘Use’ tree would be good. There is probably someone around who can tell you what the trees are…Univ. Extension Serv. are great for that. If you’re down to your last few plugs anyway maybe just try them out. My first time out I had Sweet Gum (I knew nothing) which turned out fine and the Shiitakes seemed sweet…nice. They produced for years.