Thimbleberries & Wineberries

Does anybody know where I might be able to buy these plants? I was watching, and he had the thimbleberry in one of his top 10 videos. Since it is about the only fruit that I might be able to grow, I wanted to look into the hardiness and heat tolerance but I am having trouble finding possible suppliers.

I also thought about trying the Japanese Wineberry at one point, and that also seems to have vanished.

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Here you go Products – OIKOS Tree Crops

2 Likes has them available. They are native to the Pacific Northwest. I grew them at my last house on a north facing slope. When happy they spread easily.

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Please do not let me derail any plant orders.

I do have Rubus odoratus / purple-flowered raspberry…

I will / need to dig some up SOON for a SSE request.

If you miss out now, you can always ask later. I am not going anywhere and either are these plants!

If you have an interest let me know.

At a minimum, I’d like to cover the shipping costs and it is not hard to incise me into a trade / swap.

If you know of a business looking for a sample, let me know.

These are such cool plants and, I am glad to share them!

Stay Safe.

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Hmm, looks like I might have a heat problem with thimbleberries.

I don’t know if I just got bad plants, but the wineberries I have are terribly weedy, thorny and stingy when it comes to producing fruit. The seem to prefer sending out runners everywhere they can rather than flowering.



how well do they fruit? I’ve read some wild ones don’t fruit real well. i have some i got from hartmanns and they are supposed to be good fruit producers. the ones from oikios are also. mine haven’t so far but i think i need to give the some compost as the canes are pretty short. love the leaves on them. mine had a few white flowers last year but none produced fruit.

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Suspect you will enjoy this thread Wineberries

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