Things are coming along nicely here in N. Cal (pics)

I was out in my backyard orchard this morning and snapped a few pictures.

Bing cherries. I need to get more netting, the birds have been attacking them

My lone Flavorella plumcot. I hope it survives, It will be my first one

Sweet treat pluerry. The tree is loaded! I know I should thin, but they don’t get very big

Cot-N-Candy aprium


Nice Steve. So jealous of your cherries. Just not enough chill down here for cherries. I have not had any luck with the royal combo. Maybe next year.

Have you tried the pluerries before? Any good?

I had a few pluerries last year. They have a unique taste with a sweet finish, they were good but not spectacular. I did pick them early though, I couldn’t help it. I think I’ll try and let them ripen a bit longer this year

Maybe I’ll experiment with that one next. 450 chill hours is too many for here but you never know til u try. :slight_smile:

If you have the room, I think sweet treat is worth it. I’m looking forward the Candy Heart pluerry DWN is releasing next winter.

Here are a few more pictures from this afternoon.

Flavorosa, my least favorite pluot but I’m almost certain it helps cross pollinate flavor supreme

Flavor Supreme pluot, one of the best. I did a rough count of 80pcs of fruit this year, not bad!

Flavor Grenade pluot, my personal favorite!

Emerald Drop pluot

Geo Pride Pluot

Flavor King, great fruit set this year

Burgundy plum,

September Snow donut peach