Thinking about minni cherry trees

Like to get started on a couple small cherry tree’s to grow in containers. Looking for the better varieties.
I have been buying cherries, usely from Sam’ s for a few years now. As much as I bought, how many Small tree’s Do I need to grow? They are not that expensive. Just like to know what’s available nowadays. Probably too late to get started now.

Hopefully some others with more experience will chime in, the “Romance series” cherries I have in my orchard are coming into bearing and have been great and very small/tidy and are easy to take care of, perhaps would do really well in containers - I might have to try that! I think mine are ‘Romeo’ and ‘Juliet’ but I’ve also heard great things about ‘Carmine Jewel’

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i have all 3 and they grow very well in my rocky clay soil but i planted in mounds for better drainage. they’re all about 5 -6ft now so i should be seeing some fruit this year. all but one is in its 3rd. leaf. nankings probably could be grown in a pot. they are more compact. jan , joy and joel from the n.h breeding program are also pretty small.

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It has been 10 years now but I have not found a home grown sweet cherry in my humid area that tastes as good as store bought Bing or Rainier.

That said, I have found a short cherry tree if it is on Gisela 5 or 6 with some pruning. Cherry naturally is a large tree. Not aure how well it will do in a pot. I keep my in ground Black Gold, sweet cherry 5ft tall by pruning.

People talk about sour bush cherries like the Romance series. Those, in good soil, can grow to 8 ft tall. Also, some may like tart cherries. I have found them a bit too tart to my liking. It is a bush form so it may work better in apot. But it ain’t sweet.


I can handle 5 feet in the ground. I have pruned hundreds of tree to the shape I like. All my citrus tree’s are perfect in shape and most of all very productive. It’s just a pleasure to look at them every day I stroll
Through the yard. Most are chinhigh.


You will need to look for a cherry tree on Gisela 5 or 6. My one cherry tree on Krymsk 1 died. It did not like being grafted on too much.

You are in Arkansas. @thecityman likes his Black Tartarian a lot. He also can tell you how much work it needs to grow sweet cherry. You will need to spray chemicals.