Thiophanate-methyl and benomyl toxicity

I’m about to start using either Thiophanate-methyl or benomyl as a preventative fungicide on my nectarines to stop brown rot.
May also use it on some of my grapes.
I really dislike using poisons on my fruit, but seems I don’t have much choice. I’m just wondering how much I need to worry about this stuff.

How come?

I have no idea what are regulations in your country. Both thiophanate-methyl and benomyl are currently not approved in Europe. They were used until “yesterday”.

Other options…Is Fludioxonil + Cyprodinil (Switch) available to you?

Anyway, follow the instructions.

You should get a label and read it carefully before using either one of these. If you can’t read the label that comes with them (since it is in Japanese) get a label that is in English preferably from the same supplier. If not available from the supplier, look for a label from another source. I haven’t used either one of these chemicals.

Here in the United States for brown rot on nectarines many people use Indar or Captan to control the problem. There are other choices but the chemicals you mentioned are not commonly used in backyard orchards for nectarines in the United States.