This forecast sucks

We started seeds on Feb 24th in the warm room of our house, and had a few things come up and get leggy before we got the high tunnel closed in, to put them in. Even the peppers came up quick with 90 degree soil temps on the high shelf.

Now the shelves are in the middle of a large high tunnel, taken apart (they look like short tables) to keep them off the ground where mice or crickets might munch them.


If they were near me I’d buy some of my starts there. I have a guy nearby who runs a greenhouse business on a shoe-string budget- he inherited the property and heats with wood arborist friends bring him. He has one full time helper and is a really nice person. I bought some lettuce starts from him yesterday which I will put in the ground in a couple of weeks with fabric cover. He is cheaper than home depot because he still sells the six packs for $2. Some people have to start their own lettuce, but that is not where my obsession lies. Being a perfectionist takes a huge toll, believe me.

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