This is how Dave Wilson harvests bare root trees

You may have seen something like this before but it’s somewhat interesting. With this process I can imagine how some trees get mislabeled


I’ve never personally seen a DWN tree mislabeled by a reputable nursery yet. Big box stores are totally capable of doing it!

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I’ve seen this happen a couple of times. DWN’s original label stating a variety while the tree turned to be something else.


Poor things

wow so nice

I am assuming they pull them out of the ground sometime in December and send it to retail nurseries. How does these trees survive for 3 months are so if they are not in the ground?

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They go into the healed in nursery after they are sorted and graded. Once shipping season starts they are pulled on requested customer shipping dates. Alternatively trees once dug can go into cold storage facilities with high humidity so the roots won’t dry out. Cheaper to overwinter outside but doesn’t extend shipping season like cold storage.


Cold and high humidity means something like 40F with 90% humidity?

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I don’t see how the extremely well organized handling of young fruit trees in the video would lead me to believe they are likely to mislabel their trees.

I’d put labeling issues as much more likely to be mishandled at the retail nursery.

If anything that video instills confidence in a company with a system.

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If any of those are jujube trees, they’re probably all dead.