This is why my problem with growing seedlings is puzzling me

Because I can grow this from seed in four seasons!


I’ve had my fair share of losing seedlings for no apparent reason. nothing is guaranteed growing from seeds. you’ll figure it out.

I lost a 5 years old seedling peach with no known reason and 20+ various cultivars I grafted onto it each year

sorry for your loss! that really bites!

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No no this is a good thing, he is having issues with thyme and oregano seedlings.

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Trees from seed have been easy for me. And I’m OK with stuff like tomatoes and peppers. I seem to really struggle with flowers and herbs.

What happens to your flower seedlings, do they die, not germinate?

ETA sorry I just opened the other thread where you explained this.

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A Quercus michauxii, swamp chestnut oak. Started from a locally-obtained acorn in spring, 2016. About 10’ tall but a bit floppy.